Living Life to the Full

The Donaldson Residential Trust is a community-based residential service for adults with intellectual disabilities.

We aim to provide the best opportunities for individuals to live a life they desire with all the normal life opportunities that other New Zealanders have.

  • Living within a home-like environment with a flatting concept.
  • Getting 24-hour support as required.
  • Receiving support to enjoy and achieve personal goals.
  • Being part of their community and related activities.
  • Open home policy where friends and family feel welcome.
Residents enjoy a supportive, flatting-type environment.They have the opportunity to take part in meal preparation with support and other small tasks within the home. They enjoy personal and collective outings/activities like others in the community.

Residents’ social life is dependent on individuals’ choices.

We support and encourage individuals to maintain their individual social contacts.

Flatmates go out and about to community activities both supported and unsupported according to need.

The homes are like any family home with the main living areas open to all. Their personal room is always their space.

Other residents enter by invitation only.

Should an individual need privacy outside their room situation, eg for meetings, this is made available.

No, we do not employ medical personnel. Residents access, with support, normal medical pathways according to need.

Residents come and go from their home supported and unsupported dependent on the individual support needs.

Some residents may work, others are involved in a range of activities beyond the home, some remain home some days according to choice and needs.

The Trust endeavours to support residents to have an annual holiday. This may be by holidaying away with family, holidaying with an external holiday supported group or away with groups of three or four residents supported by The Trust.

Each home is individualised by those living in them and build their own lifestyles.

There are a few Trust traditions. These are definitely residents calendar eventsĀ  We have a mid-year family party function with the venue off site – food, band etc. For those home on Christmas day, all get a Xmas stocking, and join together for Christmas dinner. Easter all residents receive Easter eggs.

Birthdays are celebrated with a party or out to dinner.