Hi everyone

My son, Michael has lived at home for all of his life (36 years) but in 2019 I decided to look for better respite care.

As a single parent and getting older , his care was and always will be my first priority so I looked around with help from Lifelinks and had a wonderful reply from The Donaldson Trust regarding a bed at one of their family homes .

Initially, Michael went for long weekends and enjoyed it so much that I was persuaded to consider a permanent move This choice came as rather an unexpected shock but nevertheless, it seemed like a very good idea so, in April 2019, Michael moved in.

He has his own lovely room in a very comfortable and friendly house, just 5 minutes away from me and I’ve been made to feel very welcome every time I visit.

The staff and management have been excellent, keeping me informed of Michael’s health and well being.

The house itself has many activities which Mike loves, he gets on really well with the other clients and he has settled into routines , even enjoying little chores that he is given.

For both of us, The Donaldson Trust has been the very best choice that I could have made and I know that Michael’s future will be a happy and carefree one.

Kind regards